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2. Engine Service and Checking Levels.[Part 1]  
3. Safety Recalls
4. Images of engine components, and suggested service hints
5. Checking the gear box, topping up, draining and re-filling
6. Hint; recommended reading, regarding water in the gearbox!


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Attention to the Engine

If like me you have spent all your working life with a company vehicle, it comes as a bit of a culture shock to find you have to look under bonnet to check things.

A recent report on service by garages, in the 'Car Mechanics' magazine, found a majority of company vehicles arrive at service with low engine oil levels. It was reported that one came in with no visible oil level shown on the dip stick. This lack of attention can only but reduce the life of the engine.

So I prepared this page for those who like my self had to open the bonnet and check the different items which require attention.

In the Peugeot Boxer Diesel engine there's not much in the line of servicing for the non mechanic to do.

For those who would like to know how the diesel engine works, especially the turbo, have a look at my other page:
also this site,'How Stuff Works' is a must for understanding how your engine works:

There are a number of checks to to keep your engine healthy.

Like me you are probably inclined to nurse your engine! But come the MOT you could fail because a lot of Diesel engines have excessive smoke during the test. This is for no other reason than the exhaust system need a good blast out. The cure is to take your van down the motorway and give it a good hard run in 4th gear. All this on the day of the MOT. Usually this will clear all the smoke properties which are measured on the MOT.

Suggested service hints can be seen by selecting the images.

Link to a web site giving winter tips;

Air filter and Radiator coolant
Air filter and Expansion Tank Monitor.

Input Air pipes
Turbo input pipes and Manifold pipes.

Pipes all over the place.
Water on battery Solution

Dip stick photo
Dip Stick and Thermostat housing

Bonnet leak source
Off side Bonnet leak source.

Near side Bonnet leak source

Near side Bonnet leak source

Glow plugs and diesel injectors
Glow plugs and diesel injectors

diesel injectors and glow plugs 12V supply
Diesel injectors and glow plugs 12V supply

Turbo Air input to intercooler
Air Pipe From Turbo to Intercooler.


Checking the gear box oil Level

 Draining and filling the gear box can easily be done by a competant DIY person.

You can see at the end of the transmission, a ballooned cover. Note where it is bolted onto the transmission housing, you'll see a square idented plug that is larger than the rest securing the balooned cover. This is the level bolt and can be checked by the owner easily. See picture and link below.

Clean around the bolt first, then remove the bolt. If the oil dribbles out, then the level is OK

The level is the actual plug aperture, fill until it comes out of the hole, it's that easy.  Remember to have the Boxer sitting on level ground.

To drain the gear box is a simple proceedure. Just remove the drain plug. The drain plug is similar in appearance to the level plug. See picture for location of plugs.

It's possible to get more into the gear box by using a measured extra, then quickly fitting the plug back. This I'm told could be useful to ensure the 5th gear which is placed higher in the box, and  will improve it's ability to get the 'Splashed quota of oil.

I'm told the modern oils do not require additives, as we used to add in the old days. They might even negate the oil properties! I was told adding 'Additives' reduce the tight clearances of the gears and cause more problems than cures.

The oil I used even mentions the point, 'Additives not required.'

I found this one of the easiest jobs to do, as long as one does not mind lying on the floor to remove the plugs and re-filling the box. It took me about 1/2 an hour. and will last at least 3 years, at the mileage we do.

The oil removed was black, the new oil was almost as clear as water! One of the reasons for doing it myself, I know the job has been done.

The drain plug has a magnetic tip, which collects metal residues.

Gear Box Cover and oil Level bolt

Air Pipe From Turbo to Intercooler

Hint: The drain pipe from the passenger side vent drops down and over the gearbox. It has been known for this pipe to 'point' to the gear box. Causing water to seep into the gear box with it's inherent problems, for example taking the surface off the gears and other damage. Check it and secure it away from the gear box. A sure sign it has been contaminated, if the oil has a milky appearance.

I have fitted an extension pipe, which is pushed inside the original pipe and extended down below the chassis. I then secured this extension pipe with tie clips.

Driving hint; 

Never labour the engine in 5th gear. This one of the reasons for a 5th gear failure. As soon as the speed drops below 60mph, change down to 4th gear. My vehicle is 15 years old now, 2013, and I have not had any 5th gear problems yet!

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Vehicle Safety Recalls;
If you suspect your vehicle might have a manufacturers ‘Recall’ placed on it. Check with an approved dealer.
It is possible to check the information from:
The Recall Information Point,
The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd.,
Consumer Affairs Department,
Forbes House,
Halkin Street,
Tel: 020-7235-7000
Make: Peugeot Model: BOXER
Description of defect: 
There is a possibility that the wiring loom may be damaged as a result of contact being made between components in the HEATER BLOWER and GEAR LEVER.
This may result in a short circuit and failure of the loom.
Remedial Action;
Recall affected vehicles and fit a protector with additional grooved sleeve.
Information obtained from the ‘Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly’ Magazine MAY 2004.

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