Battery and fuel cut off switch

My Battery cover.

The cover on the battery is to ensure any water leaking on to the battery does not enter the battery compartments. If this was the case then they would overflow and cause acid rusting on the battery container and the chassis.

 Recommended Battery size: 12Volt 90Amp per hour, Max. starter cold current 450Amps.

The battery should be checked for fluid levels regularly, and topped up with Ionised Water, not tap water which has minerals, and will slowly ruin the charge capacity.

Battery voltage drainage during storage.

To conserve the battery voltage capacity and drainage during storage, it is my habit to remove the NEGATIVE cable from the battery. On refitting the cable, it is advisable to hold on the ignition for at least 10 seconds before starting the engine. This will allow any electronic settings to settle down to normal.

Since renovating this area 12months ago, rust is now appearing again on the battery base plate!

The grey cable and fuse box, at the right of the battery, is the feed to the double horn modification.

[Inertia Switch] /Fuel Cut-Off switch

Seen below in the photograph,  the Fuel Cut-Off switch is located to the right of the battery.  If the vehicle is involved in a heavy contact this device will cut off the fuel to the engine. To establish fuel flow again, press top of switch.
The handbook refers to the impact switch as an "Inertia Switch"

This is the Impact Switch. located on the drivers side and close to the starter battery.
Impact Switch.