Wiring inside engine compartment.  The added voltmeter to the dash panel can be seen taken off the Re. 2 pin 87. This monitors the charge to the Leisure battery, and the voltage to the fridge.

The relays are at rest, where the voltage from the leisure battery is relayed to the Zig control panel.
The Leisure battery is contained in locker at the rear offside of the Motorhome.
The negative terminal, of the leisure battery, is not fused in the Wanderer, but recommended.

When it comes to cable sizes, see: 

I have checked this drawing and found it to be correct.

2012 Update of Split Charge Relays

The fuse panels and relays, due to base and relay deterioration I have renovated the split realy panel. Below is shown the update.

Base of split relays wiring, in engine compartment.

Above is the new split relays & relay bases and fuses to be fitted.

     In my Wanderer the 5Amp fuse 2 is not used, I suspect this is a build error! I have fitted the Ignition Switch cable to this fuse then to the relays, as can be seen in the dotted red line of the drawing.  The alternator connector will then go to the dotted red line input and not to pin 86.

     Being concerned about the leisure battery, whether it was being charged I have fitted a panel voltmeter which is connected to Re 2. terminal 87.  As soon as the alternator gives an output voltage the relay turns on to the fridge, and also to the Leisure battery. This gives and indication when the ignition is turned on and alternator is producing charge voltage to the leisure battery.

Renovated Split Relays in position, along side battery secured on back panel
Renovated Split Relay Assembly

Voltage meter in position

Voltage Meter in Position