Rear Jacking point
Rear Jacking point.

The jacking point of a heavy vehicle is very important. It is so easy to bend the chassis if this is not correct.
In the photo above the jacking point is the support bracket, retaining the wheel spring, placed to the front of the rear wheel. At the base of the jacking point can be seen a hole, which will fit the jack supplied by Peugeot for this vehicle.
The front of the vehicle is jacked up in a similar manner, to the rear part of the spring bracket. This also has a similar hole to contain the jack.

Jacking point sketch
Jacking point positions.

While jacking a wooden spacer should be considered, as when jacking ,the rust sealing insulation can be ripped off with it's inherent problems.

A snippet of information from Doug Meatcher of the Renault Trafic Motorhome Register at

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