Thermostat Location and housing image

Thermostat Location and housing.
Replacing of the sensors can be seen at page: peug19

       After draining coolant, the housing cover is removed by unscrewing the three bolts, indicated by the larger red arrow. Inside the housing can be found the thermostat.

       Housing cover and thermostat cost me £32 in Mar. 2004. Thermostat alone £12.95 in Nov. 2011.

     The replacement Thermostat housing cover came with an extension tube on the left, This has been described as the oil cooler connection. If you don't have an oil cooler then it must be stated when ordering, so that a rubber cap and Jubilee clip is supplied with the order.

Expanded view of the Thermostat Housing & Cover

Expanded view of the Thermostat Housing & Cover. See above loom fittings.

1. Thermostat heat variable switch, which produces a varied reading on the Dash panel gauge.
It has a BLUE base fitting with 2 pin plugs. In my local Motor Factors, his part number for this is: XEMS 34
2. Thermostat over heat switch. Which will produce an overheating red light on the Dash Panel.
It has a GREEN base fitting, with a pink ring on the base, with a ONE pin plug. In my local Motor Factors, his part number for this is: XTT114
Having removed this recently I checked the device for markings: 01 - 22K5 - 401044 - JAEGER - PAR
3. This bolt is fitted if No.2 is not fitted.
4. This cover incorporates two tubes which go to the fuel feed and diesel injector pump, to enable Pre-heating of the diesel.  As I see it it is a heat exchanger warming up the diesel to injectors.
5. Housing, Gasket, and engine block.
6. Thermostat retainer housing.
7. Rubber Sealing ring placed over the thermostat perimeter.
8. Thermostat.
9. Thermostat housing cover.
10. Pipe cover. This is used if there is no Oil Cooler piping. Which comes from this outlet.
11. Outlet to the Radiator hose top connector.
12. Thermostat housing cover securing bolts. Do not over tighten these bolts, you will have to come back to them in the future.
13. Blanking Bolt. should be removed for releasing air bubbles when filling the block during antifreeze filling.