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1.Fitting New Automatic Water System Pump
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3.Water Tank Level Meter-modification to electronic circuit

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Our MH has now been sold so this web site will not be updated again

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Due to my age, 80 years old, and health reasons we are forced to give up the pleasures of a motorhome,  and has now been sold.

Description of the motorhome can be seen through out the pages of my web site here.

The MH has MOT until MAR 2017 and its mileage is 109224

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Contents: 1. Volt Meter on Control Panel. 2. New Digital Voltmeter

Control Panel Voltmeter
See Page 8 for Control panel drawing

Battery Meter 
Click for larger image

The older Voltmeter

Click for larger image           New Voltmeter in position

Voltmeter in Position

DIGITAL meter.
Showing the reverse side of installation

Digital Voltmeter Reverse view of installation

Click for larger image                                                                  Voltages of charge conditions

Battery in different charge states.
Avoid discharging the battery below the 40% level whenever possible.
See Mark S. Nemeth site:

Who has allowed a down load of this information.

     The Control Panel in the Wanderer does not have a panel voltage meter, just LED's for high and low indication to monitor the leisure battery.

     When the LED for 'Low' is displayed it's too late! So a meter was purchased from my local caravan dealer and fitted to the ZIG panel position. This had switch control.

         The advantage of a switched controlled volt meter is; It is now possible to monitor the Van and leisure batteries before turning on the voltages to the system. When the system is turned on, at the control panel, it is possible to monitor the voltage drop and this will give an indication of the charged condition, of the batteries.

      A battery always gives a higher voltage when not connected, than when connected and a load is taken from it. So if monitored over a period of time the battery condition can be assessed. For example; Off load the battery will indicate 13.8 volts, on load the voltage will drop to 12.6volts, if this drops to 10.6 then it's possible you have a defective cell, i.e. 12.6 -  10.6 = 2volts lost from the defective cell.

     It can be checked over time for indicating the battery's loss of capacity, this is shown as a progressive lowering of the voltage on load. Once the battery,on load, shows a voltage of about 11.8volts after a couple of years,  then it's time to buy a new one.

    'Load' definition; 

     When the battery is supplying volts to the caravan interior.

Volt Meter drawing

Schematic and drawing of voltmeter installation.

A recent innovation of mine has been to introduce a DIGITAL meter. This gives a more accurate reading of the battery.  The difference from full charge 12.7volts to 20% capacity is 12.05volts this went unnoticed with the old analogue meter. 

New DIGITAL Voltmeter

Digital Voltmeter New installation

Installed May 2009

See: www.dpmeters.co.uk
for supply and information regarding the Digital Meter.
[It would seem this web site is not available, out of business?]

Below is the back of the Digital meter and circuit diagram of the unit.
Note the whole principle relies on the SHUNT resistor where the readings are measured. This allows the measurement of Current and Volts with just a click of a switch. When the charger is on the meter shows a [-] bar before the reading, when showing the battery voltage. The bar is not shown.


Back of the voltmeter

Circuit as fitted to the Motorhome

See  Mark S. Nemeth's  site for an in depth narrative on 12 volt electrics in the Motorhome:



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