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Driving in France?
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Environmentally Safe Toilet Treatment for motorhomes, caravans and boats:

For a Holiday with a difference in a Motorhome, see this link:

Great Ormond Street Hospital
Children's Charity 
Great Ormond Street Hospital, Children's Charity, 40 Bernard Street, London.  WC1N 1LE
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Additions to Motorhome pages:-
1.Fitting New Automatic Water System Pump
2.Winterising the water pump.
3.Water Tank Level Meter-modification to electronic circuit

4.Basin Mixer Taps - tip & how to repair a dripping tap.
5.Extending Fresh Water Drain Tap to Outside

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Our MH has now been sold so this web site will not be updated again

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Due to my age, 80 years old, and health reasons we are forced to give up the pleasures of a motorhome,  and has now been sold.

Description of the motorhome can be seen through out the pages of my web site here.

The MH has MOT until MAR 2017 and its mileage is 109224

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4. Caravan Club Hook-up Connection Advice. 5. Security for the Motorhome. Check this site to obtain security by using a hidden mobile phone in the Motorhome 6. . Graphics Makeover.

The Motorhome pages were prompted by letters and replies to the, highly recommended, FORUM site:   www.motorcaravanning.com
Permission to include some of these letters was kindly given by the owners Neil & Dilys King.

Links to other interesting Motorhome sites:


Security for the Motorhome. Check this site to obtain security, and locating the Motorhome should it be stolen, by using a hidden mobile phone in the Motorhome.


Forum with hints and tips, buy & sell, for Motorhome owners.


The Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly Magazine


The Motorcaravan Monthly Magazine


The site for Motorhome owners.



http://www.interhike.com Interhike - Camping sites and Camping in Europe
The number one guide to camping, hiking and inter-railing in Europe.

Looking for camp sites? this site has to be the one:


Looking for camp sites in Spain?








Other sites worth checking for spares:


While this site is dedicated to my Wanderer Motorhome and the work I do on it. A site which is very interesting where you will find a forum from people all over the UK, who are maintaining and modifying their Motorhomes.
The Self Build Motorhome Constructing Club:


DOMETIC,  Electrolux Leisure Appliances, PO Box 88, Oakley Road,Luton  LU4 9QQ 


Do you require a voltmeter, or even a 12 Volt distribution panel, then try this site.


Need a spare part ??
Fed up with unhelpful dealers who are only interested in selling you a new caravan........


This is a required site for newcomers. Also for spare parts. Handy tips for installing Fridges in the Motorhome.


This site for your local and destination weather.


This web site for those obscure parts in the caravan section


For all your wiring components, engine bay or caravan section. Fuses and Fuse blocks.



email: sales@sunshinesolar.co.uk

See the 'sunshinesolar' site for your solar panels and other items for battery power.

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Contact Steve & Cathy for your Motorhome parts.

They are planning to add many additional items, however if you don't see what your looking for at any time, let them know so we can investigate and source them for you

Kind regards: Steve & Cathy Monkley 


Online Shop  >  Electrics & Lighting  >  Towbar electrical parts


Want to connect your computer for emails etc. while travelling abroad. Then go to this link and you will find instructions on how to do it!
This site is a hive of information on the subject and is recommended.



Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

See link below:


by pogue on Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:17 pm 
In light of the recent and somewhat alarming cases of campers and holidaymakers around the UK suffering from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, caused by fumes emitted from barbeques lit inside their tents; I feel it necessary to highlight the importance of CO safety while on holiday.

In early July 2011 Hazel Woodhams was found dead while camping and is thought to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning¹ caused by using a charcoal barbeque in her tent. More recently, Vincent Clare of Milton Keynes was found dead in Ringwood through carbon monoxide poisoning also caused by using a barbeque in his tent²; and just this week, a family of five were rescued in Cornwall³ with carbon monoxide poisoning caused by having a lit barbeque inside their tent.

These tragic events go to prove how vulnerable and unaware people are to CO poisoning with the mindset of ‘it’ll never happen to me’ when taking a break in a caravan, motorhome or tent. The risks are in fact of very real and increasing concern and should be well-documented in the public domain. CO is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas which can only be detected by a CO alarm, which is why campaigning charity group the CO Angels, is urging people to pack a portable CO alarm wherever they travel this year.

It’s absolutely imperative that anyone going on holiday whether in the UK or abroad, to a hotel or campsite, thinks twice and packs a CO alarm – this simple action could save lives. These vital detectors are small, easy to pack and constantly monitor the environment, providing the early vital warning of carbon monoxide in the air before it reaches a life-threatening level. Hindsight is a valuable thing and I only wish I had known the risks of CO poisoning both in and out of the home when I lost my son Dominic to CO poisoning in 2006.

Most associate CO poisoning with faulty boilers or electrical appliances in the home, but these cases go to show how people need to be CO safe wherever they are, whether that’s in a tent, caravan or a hotel. The cold and wet summer we have had this year may have driven more holidaymakers to light their barbeques inside their tent in a bid to keep warm and stay dry – a dangerous practice which we would never recommend - but proof that having a portable CO alarm in these instances is vital.

The caravanning industry has already recognised the need for holidaymakers to be CO safe through a new regulation which will come into place this September. The regulation states that CO alarms compliant with BS EN 50291 will be required in new touring caravans and motorhomes from 1 September 2011, preferably with internal batteries for five years or more of operation.

Portable CO alarms are widely available from all major retailers, so we are urging people to visit www.co-angels.co.uk or www.fireangel.co.uk and protect themselves and their families against CO poisoning

Advice from the Caravan Club

Below is some advice I prepared for my Son-in-law who was borrowing our Motorhome:

Caravan Club.   Connect to Electric on Site.


For those who find that they need Graphics done to surfaces, whether it be on your cooker top, as we had to, or the the van exteriors. I would like to recommend Pete, at the "Sign Box," who's business is not far from Carmarthen, South Wales.

We found that our cooker top knob panel was looking extremely "Tatty." After many enquiries locally we found Pete, who took on the job of renovating the cooker panel. We are so pleased with his handy work that I give it a mention here.

The panel mentioned was quite small and I'm sure he would do a mail order job.

If you have outside sign writing work you would like done, then he is quite competent to be able to the work at your premises. Although travel distance would have to be considered.

Contact Pete; "Sign Box"
Larkspur Garage,
SA67 8SD

 Tel. No:  07831 858124.

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