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Additions to Motorhome pages:-
1.Fitting New Automatic Water System Pump
2.Winterising the water pump.
3.Water Tank Level Meter-modification to electronic circuit

4.Basin Mixer Taps - tip & how to repair a dripping tap.
5.Extending Fresh Water Drain Tap to Outside

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Our MH has now been sold so this web site will not be updated again

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Due to my age, 80 years old, and health reasons we are forced to give up the pleasures of a motorhome,  and has now been sold.

Description of the motorhome can be seen through out the pages of my web site here.

The MH has MOT until MAR 2017 and its mileage is 109224

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1.Frost Precautions-Carver Heater.  
2. Recommended Method of Use of the Carver Water Heater.  
3. Carver Water Heater Safety Warning. 
4. Controlling the Carver Water Heater Temperature and Adjustments 
5. Checking/testing for a Flame. 
6. Electrical Supply Notes, For Carver Heater. 
7. Gas Heater Faults and Fault finding. Repair hints.
8. Carver Cascade Heater Switch  Panel Switch Repair

This information is credited to Darren's site: www.faultfinder.freeserve.co.uk

As CARVER have been taken over by TRUMA here is an useful address:

TRUMA (UK) Ltd ,Truma House , Eastern Avenue , Burton-upon-Trent , Staffs ,DE13 OBB . TELEPHONE : 01283 511092



The "Faultfinder" is a site for those who would like to understand the workings of the Motorhome Heater. Darren has illustrated this in his web site.

Darren make's it clear if you don't have the skills, do not attempt repairs to electric and gas appliances.

I have included notes from my own experience, full information is recommended from Darren's site.

Carver Cascade MK 2

This can be done by releasing the drain plug  as indicated by the arrow in the drawing I've prepared.  The drain plug need not be remove completely as prongs hold it position for draining. The drain plug can be left in this open position.  For ease of draining the small screw top left can be opened a quarter of a turn to release the vacuum. 


www.arcsystems.biz The Carver Expert

           In the event of a gas leak, search for it using soapy water.


    If you can't find any gas leak, turn off the gas at the source and seek professional assistance.

    The Cascade Water Heater has been built for use in the Motorhome or Caravan.

    The mains water supply pressure is too great so must not be directly connected.

    It has been developed for use with caravan pumps, with a pressure not to exceed 20psi [ 1.4 Bar.] Most pumps use 10psi. Check if replacing.

    Sometimes the water can surge, if this problem occurs, a Whale Surge damper is recommended to eliminate pump hunting. [ See Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly June 2000 page 186 ]
    This part can be obtained from CAK, part No. 01926 854 271

Electrical supply notes




The advice can apply to the Carver Mk I in many instances.

The fault finding chart below assumes the reader is conversant with electrics and a voltmeters.

The Webmaster would like to stress that any information contained within this page and web site is as accurate as possible. He cannot accept responsibility for any errors on information posted in the pages on this site!





When switching on from cold. No indicator lamps come on.

Heater does not operate

Battery Power supply reversed.

Power not reaching heater

Fuses not in place or blown

Check connection from Motorhome wiring to wall switch

Check wiring from wall switch to leisure battery

Check for reverse wiring faults, then replace fuses.

When switching on from cold, GREEN lamp ONLY comes on and stays on

Heater does not operate

No fail lamp. ignitor not working,  Gas valve not working

Control Panel locked to on

Multi-pin plug disconnected at wall switch or heater

Faulty control panel


Re-connect multi-pin plug

When switching on from cold GREEN and YELLOW lamps come on

Heater does not operate. 

Battery condition low causing pump to run slowly.

Voltage measured at wall switch below 10.5Volts

Charge leisure battery or check and turn on charger.

Check gas is turned, if turned on then pressure is too low to operate gas heater.[ Check pressure at cooker rings by flame height.]

When switching on, GREEN lamp comes on and after 10 seconds the RED lamp is on as well.

Listen to the heater during this period, a clicking sound will be heard. followed by intermittent ticking for 10 seconds.


Water coming from cowling


A click heard but no ticking OR ticking but no click

If gas can be heard with burning hiss, then turns off.

Air in the Gas supply pipe.

No Gas supply

Incorrect gas pressure

Intake of flue obstructed 

Pump pressure too high

Poor connection at the multi-pin plug inside the wall switch or on the heater.

Purge gas pipe by switching on and off. Repeat if necessary.

Check gas isolating valve and gas cylinder.

Check and clear.

This causes a voltage resistance, reducing supply voltage. Pull in and out to clean plugs

YELLOW lamp comes on when pump is operated

Pump runs slowly

Low leisure battery.

[Possibly cable is too thin if this a new vehicle]

Check and charge the battery.  If fault continues, check the wiring.

RED lamp comes on after about 30-45 minutes, with water and steam from the cowling.

No continuous water flow from cowling when pump is running.[water taps on]

Continuous water flow from cowling when pump is operated

Pressure relief valve operating on high temperature.


Fusible plug blown indicating thermostat failure.

Pump pressure too high.


DO NOT continue to use heater.
Seek expert advice.

When switching on from cold, GREEN lamp ONLY comes on and stays on - usually a good condition


Heater/Boiler stays on continuously, producing hot water

Faulty switch control panel.

Seek expert advice, or replace the switch front control panel box.


Mains immersion heater does not operate





Indicator on isolating switch not alight

Motorhome not connected to site supply.

RCD has tripped


Site supply not adequate, unable to supply current.

Check Mains supply, if not connected.

Reset and try again.

If continues to trip, Seek expert advice.
Switch off, check with site warden regarding supply.

AC Mains immersion heater does not operate

Indicator lamp on isolating switch alight.

Thermostat malfunction.

Over temperature thermostat faulty.

Switch off seek attention

Check  red reset button and reset if possible.

The red Reset button located at the back of boiler, inside boiler locker.

CARVER Boiler Heater.Using the Leisure Battery.

 When switching on from cold, GREEN lamp ONLY comes on, and stays on. This is a fault condition.

This was a fault which confronted us days before we were due to catch the ferry to Spain. The conclusion was the panel internally was faulty and required changing.


Carver Boiler Heater Switch Circuit Drawing           Carver On/Off Switch for Hot Water Boiler

                Taking off the cover and checking the wiring I found the printed circuit board was permanently on. Producing hot water constantly. A phone call to the local Caravan Dealer and with the above photo taken with my digital camera, I was able to obtain a replacement.  Fitting the panel on confirmed the diagnostics and the boiler was now working normally.

             The printed circuit board basically  switches on, and off, the 12Volts to the boiler, while looking complicated serves no other purpose.  The LED lamps are powered from the Carver heater to produce fault conditions.

              I suspect Q1 is short circuit, I will investigate and repair at a later date.

Re: Carver Water Heater repairs
From: Steve Taylor
Date: 06/04/2003


Try this number. The guys name is Gary and is based in Nottingham but will use a courier service to get your faulty equipment to him and return it when fixed. He has loads of spares for carver equipment.
Mobile: 07901 544431  Tel: 01159 213175 

----- Original Message -----

From: "Richard Smith" 
To: <brian[at]ourwanderer.org.uk>

Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2003 8:44 AM

Subject: cascade rapide water heater

Dear Brian. 

I'm sorry to be a bother again but I cannot fathom how to get my cascade rapide water heater working on our "Wanderer".

I have tried and tried to work it out but so far no luck. It seems to work on electrical hook up on immersion, however trying to get ANY lights on the wall plate in order to use battery and gas is no go. I have had the wall plate off and changed the fuse (funny looking car fuse type 5amp)checked the fuses on the main control pad (Aux x2) Pressed the "on" button I don't know how many times and NOTHING. What's going (gone) wrong? do you know?

By the way, how do you (and more to the point, where do you) fit passenger seat belts, I don't have any but you mention that your "Wanderer" has some fitted.

Regards Richard Smith.


Hi Richard,

No bother and I am only to pleased to help another "Motorhomer" in trouble. Regarding your water heater. Have you had a look at my fault finding chart on: www.ourwanderer.org.uk/wan28.htm Gas Heater Faults and Fault finding plus Repair hints. On the same page you will see a complete write up of the Carver Control Panel and how I repaired this fault.

OK, The mains heater is quite separate from the gas and as you said it is working correctly.

I assume you are not getting any 12 volts to the control panel, as the gas is 12volt operated.

When you take the panel off do you have the correct voltage at the input. Is the positive on the correct tab. See the above web page to indicate this. If it's not the right way around, then the safety feature of the Carver will stop it working. This can happen if any work has been done to the electrics from the ZIG panel.

The lights for example will work any way around, positive to negative and negative to positive, when the cable is fitted to the lights.

I don't recall a fuse inside the Carver Control Panel! The panel takes it's fuse from the ZIG panel.

Again you will see this in my drawings and photos in www.ourwanderer.org.uk/wan28.htm page.

So Richard you must check the voltages are correct inside the Carver Control Panel, the one with two press buttons first.

So I state the obvious check the voltage inside the Carver Control panel.

If it's not there then check the wiring from the ZIG panel to the Carver two button Control Panel.

In my drawings you will see a chart of voltages you can expect inside this panel.

If the voltages are there, then this panel could be faulty. This can only be checked by replacement.

If that is OK, then we must assume the gas control panel inside the Carver heater is faulty. I am referring to the panel located inside the outside wall ventilating cover. This panel cannot be repaired, and will require a Caravan dealer for repairs.

If your volts are OK and you can hear the gas popping outside, as it tries to turn on, then this is due to the gas burner flame spreader, inside the Vent cover being faulty. The flame spreader becomes so rusty then it cannot do it's job and refuses to light up.  This repair is not too expensive.

Having checked the above and made use of the fault finding chart. Get back to me again and we will go from there.

Regarding seat belts. In my Motorhome they were fitted by the previous owner.

The brackets which retain the belts are quite substantial. [I'll get some photos into my web site illustrating installation. ]

Two sets of lap belts are fitted below the back wall bench, with the belts coming up from behind the bench.

The bolts which retain the brackets are drilled through the Motorhome base and then mounted on brackets which are secured to the chassis. This is a "Must" as the Motorhome base is just not strong enough to take any pulling force.

I don't know if they are legal but I'm sure they will retain someone in an accident.

I don't like lap belts as I have seen some horror stories on the TV regarding them. Rear shunts for example. But they do use them in an Aircraft!

Best Regards,


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