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1.Fitting New Automatic Water System Pump
2.Winterising the water pump.
3.Water Tank Level Meter-modification to electronic circuit

4.Basin Mixer Taps - tip & how to repair a dripping tap.
5.Extending Fresh Water Drain Tap to Outside

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Our MH has now been sold so this web site will not be updated again

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Due to my age, 80 years old, and health reasons we are forced to give up the pleasures of a motorhome,  and has now been sold.

Description of the motorhome can be seen through out the pages of my web site here.

The MH has MOT until MAR 2017 and its mileage is 109224

1.  De-Lamination in the floor

De-Lamination in the floor

     image above illustrates a section of the Motorhome floor. A plywood sheet top and bottom with Polystyrene in between. It also has timber battens to increase strength.

     This construction method makes for a strong and very light build required in the Motorhome. Any extra weight is the weight removed from the Motorhome owner's carrying capacity.  The construction method has a problem! after years of walking over it the polystyrene compresses, leaving the plywood to move up and down, thereby increasing the damage and weakening the floor structure.

     The only answer is to fill the gap between the compressed polystyrene and the plywood. There are 'Packs' available from Motorhome repair dealers to enable the experienced DIY man to carry out a repair.

     Recently with this problem, I have decided to leave the job to an experienced caravan repair shop, as the floor damage was in the section from the entry door, in a large circle.

     So if you have a spongy section in your floor, get it repaired as soon as possible.

     The test method used by my repair man was to walk on his heals, gently, the floor could then be seen moving up and down.

LPG Gas Locker

Here is advise I gave to a query from an email response:

For a repair I would take the easy route, which wont disturb any fittings of the LPG locker.
This would be my way.  Buy a 15 to 20 mm deep plywood, I say deep so the repair screws, that will go into its sides, will grip it tightly all around. [ You will lose that amount of space internally.]
Get your DIY shop to cut the plywood to the internal measurements of the LPG locker. This will save repair time.

Place this piece into the locker floor. leaving the original in place and undisturbed. You will have to cut out the gas relief hole as per the original fitted. If there is an aluminium plate fitted to the floor, you could try and take it out and place it on top of the new piece. If it is too awkward to remove, don't worry you can place a new piece of aluminium on top of the plywood you are fitting.

Using long screws,  screw from the outside into the internal new plywood. I would place one every two inches all around.

When you have done that, get a long piece of aluminium plate, the width of the locker. Doesn't have to be accurate. This will be fitted down the outside of one wall, under the locker base, and up the other side wall. Screw this U plate to the top of the locker walls each side. Or any where it is convenient to get a screwdriver in.  At the bottom screw into the SIDE of the new plywood piece. on each side. Secure the aluminium base with some screws,  long enough to go into the new plywood piece bottom.

As the screws might come through into the aluminium walls internally, this could cause scratched hands when manipulating the gas bottles, don't worry use bolts instead and keep them short so they don't protrude to far into the locker, or use screws which have no points. having drilled suitable holes first.

If the top of the locker walls are in good condition, this will take any weight in the LPG bottle locker, at least to the original specification.

Having done that get some wood renovator preservative. This really does renovate by being absorbed. paint all around and into all cracks of the locker. Come to think about it perhaps this should be done first!

If the locker is beyond the work I have advised then you must take it to caravan dealer and get him to use his expertise to do a rebuild.

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